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Global Empowerment Speaker, High-Performance Life Coach, and award-winning author of the book “Exponential Living® – Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are.”

Whether it’s an audience of 1 or 20,000+, I deliver engaging and insightful messages that empower people to implement.

I am an engaging, entertaining, and informative keynote speaker.

From conferences to workshops, team trainings, and corporate gatherings, I bring authenticity and transparency that captivates and educates.

I am committed to creating unforgettable workshop experiences that produce cross-company transformations in culture, productivity, and engagement. 

My number one goal is to empower and motivate audiences to take action.

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Corporate Trainer Kendall Ficklin offers teams and organizations the Welcome to the Jungle 4 Animals Training Program and individualized leadership and intensive team building training.

Kendall is the founder of multiple, seven (7) figure businesses and currently the founder and CEO of GRINDATION, LLC. as well as the author of four books.


From humble beginnings in New Jersey at AT&T to opening multiple barbershops in Atlanta, GA to nationally recognized Coach, Kendall is also sought after by top performing CEO’s, Key Executives and Entrepreneurs.

Kendall now inspires thousands of people across the country where he trains on proven strategies to increase performance and productivity. He offers practical, actionable approaches to develop clarity and unparalleled focus.  In addition, companies and organizations such as: NFL, Delta Airlines, the FBI and United States Air Force hire him for his keynotes, coaching and training programs. 

The reason why June Archer is a sought out speaker and host is because his presence feels like an invite to a conversation in his living room. It's the voice of a compassionate best friend giving you emotional 'need to hear' advice that is usually personal and creates actionable steps.

June's goal is simple: give you the tools and confidence to think from a different perspective so that you can create the success you desire. Every day is a (What I Need).


Are you ready to win?




Shawn Williams became the founder and president of Fortis Mortgage after acquiring 15 years of mortgage experience, overseeing $2.5 billion in mortgage loans, and helping thousands of families fulfill their home ownership dreams. 


Raised by a hard-working single mother, Williams was taught from a young age about the importance of work ethic and respect for others. From this firm foundation, Williams excelled in basketball through college, earned his BA degree in Communication from George Mason University, reached top positions in early careers, and went on to build his own company Fortis Mortgage. Along the way, Williams has put his values and passions to use by volunteering in his community, serving on various boards, committees, and as a basketball coach for several different local clubs and schools. 


Being a husband and father are amongst his proudest accomplishments

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